Tech Specs


3 lbs


Non-rip Nylon

Weight Capacity

440 lbs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you inflate the Knapbag™?

Remove from the carry case and shake out the Knapbag™ to ensure it is long and completely unfolded. Make sure there are no folds at this point. Next, simply swing the Knapbag™ backward and forward and you are able to inflate in seconds. Roll the end up and clip it tightly – (handy tip: twist ends with clips extra tight like you would to dry out a towel!) – Fold the ends and clip shut. Place anywhere and everywhere and let relaxation time begin.

​Q. What if there isn't much of a breeze?

If the breeze is not enough try opening the one side up and pull towards you then close it immediately. Continue doing this till it is full. Think of it as catching the wind as you are creating wind by pulling it towards you. Just remember to close it right as you stop pulling or the air will escape from the bag. Running with it like a kite works too.

Q. How long does the Knapbag™ stay inflated?

The Knapbag will last up to 3-5 hours inflated. This will vary depending on how you use the Knapbag™. Refill as needed. There are a few different factors  to consider when it comes to how long the Knapbag will stay inflated, such as temperature, weight, how it was inflated, rolled and clipped. Make sure you fill the Knapbag 90% full then roll it very tightly a few times then clip the ends together (We recommend at least 3 rolls before clipping shut to ensure tension is at maximum pressure).

Q. How to clean the Knapbag™?

Make sure to Surface Wash and Air Dry only. Do not dry clean, do not iron, do not tumble dry, and do not bleach.

Q. How do I repair a puncture or a tear?

​If your Knapbag™ does encounter a puncture or a tear there are a variety of nylon repair kits available at stores and online. Simply purchase the repair kit and follow instructions included by the manufacturer of the kit.

(Typically most will require you cut the patch to size of the puncture and dry surface apply adhesive and seal patch onto punctured area.)

Q. What is the return or exchange policy?

If a customer would like to exchange for a different color and has not used it yet then they may do so. Customer is responsible for the return shipment to us and the shipment back to them. Due to the nature of Knapbag™ they are all sales final.