Warranty Information

Each Knapbag™ includes a five year* manufacturer limited warranty. *Please note the warranty is good for five years from the date of purchase.

Only manufacturer defects are covered under this warranty. If it has been punctured, ripped, burnt, or seems have busted, etc. they are not covered under this warranty. 

There is no charge to register for the Knapbag™ warranty. However, if a customer must use the warranty because there are manufacturer defects, the customer will be required to pay the shipping fee for the new Knapbag™. 

United States: $22.00 shipping fee

Canada: $35.00 shipping fee

*Customers in Canada are also required to pay for any customs duties or taxes.

Customers will also be asked to ship back the defective Knapbag with proof of purcahse.

To register for your warranty please fill out the Warranty Registration form directly below this. 

Warranty Registration

Please fill out this form to get registered for the Knapbag™ 5 year warranty.

Using the Warranty


Customers should have filled out a warranty registration form when their Knapbag ™  was purchased. If you have questions about registration, please call 1-877-775-4769. 


In order to receive the new Knapbag ™ , customers must first pay for the shipping fee of the new Knapbag ™ . 

United States: $22.00 shipping fee

Canada: $35.00 shipping fee* 

 *Customers in Canada are also required to pay for any customs duties or taxes. 

This can be done by PayPal (buttons provided below) or by check.


Please send your defective Knapbag ™  back to the company, with proof of purcahse and the check for the new Knapbag ™ . If you paid for the shipping on PayPal, you will not need to send a check with the defective Knapbag ™ .

Ship To:


Attn: Warranty Department

135 Eastland Dr.

Twin Falls, ID 83301