Wherever You're Going Knapbag Is Going With You...


Safe On All Terrains


The Knapbag™  is safe on materials like pine needles, pine cones, goat heads, rocks, sea shells, twigs, and so much more. Anywhere you would pitch a tent, you could put your Knapbag™ .

No Pumps Needed


 Inflation is a breeze-literally. Just gather air in the two air chambers of the Knapbag™ and you'll have a chair in moments. 

Rip-Stop Nylon


 The Knapbag™  is made from super tough tri-stitch nylon; the same material a parachute is made with. Allowing you to take your Knapbag™  everywhere and anywhere. 

Light Weight


Weighing less than 2.8 lbs the Knapbag is the perfect solution for camping, backpacking, and hiking. 

Inflation Is A Breeze


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